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19 – 28

22 Jan

Rehearsal in Brooklyn.

Bass always came naturally to me–I wasn’t quite sure what Paul McCartney was playing on the recordings, I thought bass was just something that added an indistinguishable low end. And when I got my first guitar it only took a few months before I realized that I’d memorized and could hum pretty much every Beatles bass line. I didn’t know it was bass yet. And when I began playing bass I had an instinct about it, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I could hit any note given to me as if I did. So it’s always been fairly simple and fun to show up at any rehearsal or gig unprepared, knowing I’d still play excellently. And it’s not laziness…I know what it is to practice, and to be nervous on stage, as I would be when I was a tympanist, practicing endlessly and taking more pleasure in performing Dvorak than I have in performing anything else. It’s just what comes easy.

Piano–a way to memorize tunes is to memorize the melody first, and it’s recommended to memorize the lyrics while you’re doing that, and then to learn the chords off the melody. I didn’t believe it at first, but it seems to work for me.

As many times as I’ve made the drives between NYC and Philly, I had no idea how to get off the Turnpike and pack into Philly last night. I wonder if I have business expenses. I wonder if I am a business.